A little about us

Aaron Voisine

CEO / Founder

Aaron is co-founder and CEO of breadwallet. Previously, Aaron led mobile app development at Yammer and Banjo. Aaron was co-founder of Lightt, a popular social video sharing app, which was sold in 2014. Throughout his career, Aaron has held a variety of software development positions at prominent Silicon Valley mobile app and web startups. He has a strong focus on consumer applications designed with the utmost care for simple and intuitive user experiences.

Adam Traidman

Pres. / Founder

Adam is co-founder and President of breadwallet. Previously, Adam was CEO of WearSens, a wearables startup focused on monitoring eating habits. Earlier in his career, Adam was CEO of Chip Estimate, acquired in 2008 by Cadence Design Systems. He has held a variety of sales, marketing, management and engineering positions throughout his nearly two decades in the hardware, software and Internet industries. Adam began his career at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory and Caltech in the fields of hardware and software engineering. He is also an avid angel investor and part time venture partner with a Silicon Valley venture capital firm.

Sam Sutch


Samuel is a polyglot developer and UX designer who has been working at Silicon Valley startups for over 10 years. As a Senior Engineer at Yammer, he designed and developed their first suite of iPhone and iPad applications. After Yammer he founded Lightt, a mobile application for close friends and family to share moments on an infinite visual timeline. Sam is now bringing access to censorship-resistant, privacy-respecting currency to the world as the CTO of breadwallet.

Leo GrĂ¼nstein

Board Member

Leo is a co-founder and Board Member of breadwallet. He is a passionate serial entrepreneur with a background in consulting and investment banking. Over the past decade, he co-founded and invested in multiple e-commerce, software, finance and retail startups, operating in more than a dozen countries. His startups attracted a number of VC investments, and ultimately achieved multiple successful exits.

Aaron Lasher


Co-founder and CMO of breadwallet, Aaron is a marketing executive with 10 years experience designing and leading customer-centric research for de novo and high tech products in the healthcare and life sciences industries, including cutting edge software applications. He has been an active member of the bitcoin community since 2011 and maintains deep connections to other influencers at the vanguard of the digital currency phenomenon.